Route of the Day: Tikhedunga- Ulleri- Overnight at Banthathi 

Our journey to Poon Hill continues the next morning to Ulleri at a height of 1900m above sea level.

The trek up to Ulleri is steep and filled with stones. Some 3200 stones to be exact. And I thought the 272 steps back home in Bt.Caves was a feat. It was as if someone really had ample of time to arrange the stones so patiently.



Mules on a journey

Does the 3200 stones seems very daunting? Well, actually it is not really that difficult. Just enjoy the journey and don’t think about the destination much. The view along the way was really amazing with a few gorgeous waterfalls and now and then, you get Namaste greetings from anyone and everyone. Namaste as it appeared to be then became a  trend :)  On the way up, we also did a lot of yoga poses and I took more pictures.

Doing yoga in the Himalayan Mountains

Nepali- Mountain-Library

After having lunch in Ulleri, we continued our trekking to Ghorephani. We were due to stay in Ghorephani that night but because we were a tad bit slow :p, our guide suggested a reroute so that we will spend the night in Banthanthi and continue trekking to Ghorephani the next day.

Nepali's Happy Children


A Nepali Family Potrait

We stayed in Machapuchere Guest House which was way better than the one in Tikedhunga. Still it got a wee bit tricky when the time comes for you to shower because hot shower here sometimes can be like Chipsmore. Now you have it, then you don’t. :p Perhaps the most heroic thing I did by far was making that decision to wash my hair in the icy cold water. I experienced brain freeze. Things sort of slowed down for a bit after the freeze moment. I could literally watch myself on slow mode. My motor and sensory pathway went haywire for a bit and I watch it manifest in the form of delayed reflexes. It took me forever to reach for the towel. Hehe… Quite an experience I had.

Yak Cheese anyone?

Dinner after shower was simple but heavenly. The simple Thalli set comes with omelette  and garlic soup on request. Nepalis eat loads of vegetable and people in the mountains hardly use any plastic.


Such a commendable act for the less uneducated. In the toilets, the waste basket is not lined with any plastic either. People here live with the environment as if it’s a part of them and take good care of it. Most things are made of recycled natural materials and are then given back to the environment.

At dinner, we had a heart warming time, sitting around the metal fireplace with the rest of the Nepali potters while sipping black tea and giving each other lingual lessons.

Happy Campers in the guest house

Another night in Ghorephani tommorow and we will be nearing our awaited Poon Hill :)

Travel Time & Weather: Nov 2013, Pleasant

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