The Passing List

In the widely known world, this list is called The Bucket List. I call it the Passing By List.

Some years ago, I discovered a hidden talent in me. I have this uncanny ability to Excellify everything and transform this idea to the lives of my loved ones. (Hehe, albeit their approval :S) So I made excel sheets after excel sheets in my life and soon realized that my life changed for the better.

I became more organized, detail oriented and if a topic was discussed within my ears reach and it requires some form of planning, research and solution, I could easily excelify the contents in my mind. ( And you thought only marvel characters have super powers).

That’s also how I plan my travels. Research, Excellify, Document and Execute. This was the skill I developed as an ISO Auditor at work I suppose. :$

Years of travelling and reading the experiences of other travelers inspired me to create my own Bucket List. As such, this list is exhaustive and ever changing simply because with years and distance travelled, I’m bound to meet new people who will inspire me to try out new things.


1.Backpack to Africa
2. See the wild safariiiiiiiiiiii in Serengeti and capture the wildlife there. Visit one of the elephant conservation centre there and be a volunteer.
3.Network and find the Kenyans who does yoga and do yoga with them.
4.Climb Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa
5.Cage dive with the great white sharks ( Shudders)


1.Hike out a glacier
2.See live penguins


1. Watch swimming dolphins in the ocean ( Location: Santubong, Sarawak & Lovina Beach, Bali)
2. Temple Running in the ruins of Angkor Wat, Cambodia
3. Boat ride on Tonle Sap, Cambodia
4. Trek the Himalayan Mountains ( Only one so far)
5. Visit all the Asian Countries. To Date: India, Nepal, Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia
6. Discover the lost world in Maliau Basin, Borneo
7. Conquer the Summit of Mt. Kinabalau ( 4084m)
8. Hike a still active volcanic mountain. ( Location: Mt. Batur, Kintamani, Bali, 2014, Mt.Rinjani, Lombok, 2017)
9.Go to Tibet and try to visit Dalai Lama.
10. Backpack to India
11.Go to Mongolia, ride a horse and try throat singing
12. Learn to cook a local dish in a country ( Cambodia’s Fish Amok)
13. Try the Gibbon Experience, Laos
14.Visit the Sapa community in Nothern Vietnam


1.Rent a caravan and travel around New Zealand. Do the LOTR circuit and take amazing pictures.
2.Dive in the Great Bareer Reef, Australia
3.Go on a work exchange program somewhere in New Zealand
4.Visit the Island of Vanuatu


1. Go Turkey and try hot air balloon in Capadocia
2.Stand on the Pulpit Rock in Norway
3.Cycle in the town of Copenhagen, Denmark
4.Watch sunset in Santorini
5.Backpack to Europe for honeymoon


1.Stay in an ashram for a month and take up another Yoga Teacher’s Training Course and be a Volunteer
2.Rent an auto and drive to another state in India ( So far I have only sit and pretend to drive one)
3.Speak Hindi fluently
4.Learn to make masala chai from a true villager in rural India
5.Take a camel ride for a ride in Rajasthan.
6.Go to back to India again and again.(2013, 2015,2016)
7.Visit Meghalaya.
8.See the flowers in the Valley of Flowers
10.Do the famous 4 Chardam Temples
11.Practice yoga at the banks of Ganges in Rishikesh
12. Watch Ganga Arthi in  Varanasi
13.Stay in the Intentional town of Auroville, Pondicherry and be part of the spiritual community there.
14.Visit the Isha Center in Coimbatoore.
15.Eat Idli, Thosai, Vadai and Sambar in South India.
16.Go mad saree shopping in South India
17.See a tiger in the wild                                                                                                                                                                         18.Travel to all the 32 states in India ( 8 at present)


1.Visit all one, two or some National Parks here.
2.Go to New York and whistle for a yellow taxi ( Need to practice whistling first)
3.Visit the Himalayan Monastery in the island of Kauai and take a second honeymoon there.
4.Go trekking on one of the Kauai trekking trails
5.Visit the small town of Sitka, Alaska in Summer
6.Attend the Burning Man Festival in Nevada                                                                                                                                   7.Meet a prison yoga instructor in the prisonyoga project and write a story


1.Visit all,one, two or some National Parks here
2.Visit the Galapagos Island
3.Explore the exotic micro continent of Patagonia and conduct a photography workshop
4.Be in Bolivia boldly.
5.Learn to speak some decent Spanish
6.Be part of the Rio Carnival


1.Face my fear and go back to diving again.
2.Write and publish a book.
3.Be an entrepreneur. Invent something and sell it.
4.Travel till the end day comes
5.Sky Dive
6.Bungee Jump ( Maybe not, still on the fence about this as the thought still gives me the heebies)
7. White Water Rafting ( 1. Sg. Padas, Sabah, Borneo 2. Bali, Indonesia)
8.Try real surfing ( Unlike the lame one in Sabah in year 2010)
9.Take a silent Vipassana Retreat
10.Learn to shoot on Manual Mode already. I mean seriously.
11.Meet Dalai Lama or stay at one of his monasteries.
12.Try zip lining somewhere with amazing view
13.Go Whale Watching
14.Visit 50% of the the World’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the World
15. Work as a tour guide for awhile
16.Teach yoga in a luxury retreat place
17.Go to windmill or a light house
18.Stay and teach English in a non English speaking country
19.Get on the Trans-Siberian train across Asia.
20.Try deep sea fishing somewhere
21.Have an insightful conversation with a monk ( The monks I met weren’t that insightful. Need to find a real one. Perhaps Jay Shetty might be the next canditate)
22.Camp out in the desert for a night
23.Go bald. ( I  chickened out the last time)
24.Give a TED Talk ( As if)
25. Get an article published in a print magazine
26. Win an award for something
27. See Auroroa Borealis, aka The Nothern Lights
28. Learn to Sail ( Does piloting a speedboat count?)
29. Fly a plane ( On Autopilot ;p)
30. Fly a kite
31. Try paragliding
32. Go caving
33. Rock climb a real limestone cave
34. Learn to thread water
35. Then jump off a cliff somewhere
36. Snow walk on Christmas Eve and gate crash someone’s party
37. Spend NYE in Times Square, New York
38. Send myself postcard from different countries I visit
39.Sleep in a real igloo
40.Drive a real expensive stylish car just for fun
41. Shoot guns in a shooting range
42.Live in a tree house ( Climbed and played in one)
43.Learn to do a somersault
44.Steal and eat strawberries while picking  them.
45.Help in a turtle hatching sanctuary and watch them making their way to the sea
46.Be part of a tourism based conservation project
47.Plant a tree and watch it grow. Then grow a forest.
48.Float in the Dead Sea
49.Create a 365 photo project
50.Visit at least one country in each continent                                                                                                                                51. Be featured in a local travel TV programme. ( India, 2016)                                                                                                      52. Someday call the working world quits. Be a travel photo journalist who teaches yoga and form a foundation to sponsor unsung heroes and underprivilleged kids to travel the world for free.

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