Hello, I did not quit my job, sold everything off and travelled the world endlessly in style and later share my stories to the world via a Macbook.

Actually it would be impossible to do that in Malaysia especially being raised in a typical middle class Indian family who never travelled anywhere. I was raised in an environment of absolute freedom but little material dependence and availability. We never really owned stuffs. I remember it being very tough in my years of growing up but that was also how I learnt the true meaning of love.

As the name suggests. This is a passing by memoir. A deliberate choice to  seek experience, document stories and capture pictures for the wrinkled days.

This is my own tiny cosy spot and perhaps even my legacy for the world but apart from that I’m just another rat trying to escape the race.  At the time, I founded this site, I was a backpacker wearing a yoga colored sun glasses. I still am. 

Some years of practicing yoga shed light to one thing.

Balance is bliss. Balance is wisdom. But balance is also a lot of hard work.
All work done to create this site was self taught for years with many hours of frustrations and errors with absolutely no traffic at all. But I kept coming back. :)

This isn’t about how you must give up one thing that is your full time job and sell everything off ( at least not in Malaysia) and wander the world.

It’s about how you must take time to do what you love despite being crazily involved in everything else that happens in your life.

It’s about doing what matters to you even when it makes no sense to anyone else.

It’s about being true to a path that you created.But you have to be intentional  to create it.

At some point of time in my life, I used to always wander if life was really about studying, taking exams, getting a job and paying bills. None of it was fun. And yet everyone was stuck in that hamsters’ wheel. They just had to do it. I wanted to escape from it at all. But I just didn’t know how.


Then I found the answer.

I went back to the memories of my childhood days.

As a kid, unconsciously, I was always seeking (Why? But Why? Why?), always talking (I drove a few,many,  ONE teacher crazy) and always wandering (The world outside was so tempting)

I was also a compulsive story teller. My dad told me when I was three to five years of age,  I was the most animated person he had ever met. But then again I was his favourite daughter :S

That’s how I started blogging. Back in the year 2005. I was learning something new and it was fun.  It was a fashionable way of telling story. You can read about my milestones here.

Then somewhere in my 20’s, I started consciously to do things to be that kid again. We lived an extraordinary life in our childhood days, didn’t we? Perhaps I talk much lesser now but I’m still a very much tempted traveler and seeker.

As I was passing, I found it hard to distinguish where one passion ends and the other began, so I ended up developing that multi-passion syndrome and soon discovered all of it made my soul sing and nights awake. So I just hanged on and worked on it. Intermittently while mainly being distracted with many other things. Life as it happens. It was always challenging because time was always in hurry and busy. I would abandon this site for years sometimes and then always come back.

Compassion (Compulsive, all en-compassing passion that is) and energy (The zest to live that compassion) are some things that I have in abundance.

I tend to be curious about almost anything and I’m as random as I’m curious.

The downside: I can get totally scattered and overwhelm myself a tad bit here and there. Yet, I have understood that the mechanics of balance is an ongoing process.

Scrambling is mandatory. A tad bit challenging but certainly worthy.

I’m sometimes deluded with my sense of optimism and the ability to humour myself but I have had my bad grumpy, pissy,inpatient days perhaps years. Then I discovered yoga and nature. Both gave me some everlasting happiness and freedom.

The World, its’ Wide Web and my Camera are among my best silent companions. Their working dynamics are nothing short of amusing.

All three companions fell into place so beautifully for me to exercise my creative freedom.  I don’t believe you need to quit your day job to travel or do anything you love.

All you need is INTENTION and ACTION in its preceding order.

I’m trying to live in the here and now. Momentarily. By moments. So I always make a memory of it.

You know how they say ” You can keep it all in your memories.” The thing is our memory fades.

We get bogged down with life and expectations. Death and illness happens. Life becomes meaningless abruptly. Spouses cheat. Kids becomes rebelling teenagers. The ups and downs. Rinse and Repeat.

Then you realize and come to a moment ” Where did all these years go? What am I doing here?” “What makes sense now?”

Somewhere growing up, I told myself although I’m a rat, I will not join the rat race but I’ll scurry around everywhere life takes me to pave my path and try to make a difference. I have no regrets yet.

I know it’s probably too early to say this or you won’t even believe me but……

In this vast open ever-expanding universe, I have found my own tiny cozy spot and I realize this spot is something I can take with me everywhere I go and make me do ANYTHING at my WILL.

It is my deepest wish that you find yours too.

If you’re still reading,  thank you.

And Hello, I’m Jivanti Murugaiyan and my name is my virtue.

That’s a line from my favourite song =)

I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and I love my beautiful country to bits.

If I could give you a hindsight as to why I took the trouble to pursue my passion, it would be this…….


In the end, I hope, simply, to inspire you to do something you love and keep doing it. For me it was wandering outside, capturing and keeping those memories.  Truly, I feel that’s what life is all about.

We always think there is tommorow.

But in reality, the tommorow that you were thinking about yesterday is today. Everything you do today makes your tommorow . So keep doing whatever that makes you happy.


At the time I founded this .com site in the year 2013, it was also the time I backpacked solo for the first time to India. I pretty much knew then that I love the freedom of solo travelling. Years later, I’m still here backpacking for most of my trips but I do take the occasional trips out with some friends. I tend to lean towards travelling economically throughout my travel but I  don’t mind the occasional splurge on amazing experiences. I’m almost always surrounded by nature or walking on the off beaten path or rather that’s what I actively seek in all my travels.


What started 13 years ago as something called blog during my university years has evolved into something close to my heart. Then down the road, it became a place where I wanted to document my random travel thoughts during long distances on the road but today after years of experimenting, I’m living out my dream to nurture my creative passion.

These days, I still go to work 8 hours a day, teach and practice yoga on the side and always always make time for yearly travelling. I write about my travel stories and I’m also looking towards teaching you how to travel economically while still maintaining a job. Someday, I hope to join other digital nomads to make this a lifestyle and call the co-operate world quits so that I can travel globally to teach yoga while sponsoring the less privileged to see the world.


Thank you for reading this far. There’s still a lot more to see in the world and I plan to share more of it. But in the meantime, you can like my FB page , view my pictures at my FLICKR Gallery, follow me on Instagram and come back here more often in the hope of finding your own tiny cozy spot.

I promise,  you’ll get there someday 🙂

Your Well Wisher


P/S : One way you can help a passionate being like me is to share my posts and photos around. You know in the hope that more people will do things that make them happy. This troubled world needs more happy people. Be one of them.