I suppose we all have been there. Be purposeful with resolutions at dawn of the New Year and let ourselves completely down the month after.

Life got in the way. Priorities were misplaced and we could not resist wearing that “busy” honor badge.

At year end, we felt nothing much has changed anyway. The way we handled our finances was still “We’ll just go with the flow”,  our idea of travelling was just looking at our friends FB pictures and that extra pair of pants which we had in the cupboard waiting to be worn after we shed some weight is still there staring at us.

But why?

“I did make some resolutions.”

“I made loads of them actually.”

“But I just didn’t get to achieve them.”

Here’s why.

A study by a professor at the Dominican University of California found that people who wrote their goals down and shared them with others were 33% more likely to achieve them versus those who did not write down their goals


Intentionally, I did this in January 2014 for the first time.

purposeful resolution

At the end of 2014, I had achieved some goals exceeding way past my expectation like becoming a yoga instructor when my initial goal was just to do yoga for 15 minutes a day. And the best part of it.

I forgot that I even wrote it at the beginning of that year. 

See, God actually made our lives a lot easier by giving us certain tools for our convenience but we just did not use them simply because we never knew it existed.

What is that tool? 

Ever heard of this word called “back end processes?” Ctrl+Alt+Del on your keyboard gives you that.

Internally, we have it too.

It is called the Reticular Activating System or RAS in short.

See this RAS is kind of responsible for sensing things around us and sorting them out for us. This system helps us in every part of our daily life. It is also responsible for filtering out what is important. If you have been focusing your thoughts on something, RAS identifies that it is important and gets the ball rolling.

Then you may ask?

This RAS, Does it not work if I mentally make a resolution?

Do you sit in a meditative position for 15 minutes, close your eyes and mentally connect to your brain while making this resolution or simply think about it while in the shower or driving to work and then got lost in thought immediately after? 

By actually writing it down, you are focusing your thoughts, increasing your concentration and making a physical action with your hand. There was time taken and words written. Now at this point, many of RAS’s friend started working as well. RAS on the other hand will deem that this writing is important. This could be why writing has more potency than typing. Reticular Activating System activates your pre-frontal cortex .

It is said that writing also aids in long term memory and not short term.

Ever done this before?

Wrote something down on a piece of paper and just forgot about it only to stumble upon it years later and realised you actually achieved it. That’s because RAS remembered it and was quietly working on it.

RAS also teams up with your eyes to tell your brain what to see and pick only what is necessary. It will program itself to look for the possibilities and opportunities to make it happen.

Like how when you suddenly have been obsessing about a person or a car, you just keep seeing it everywhere and you had no idea why.

Now that you know the reason behind it, go find a quiet corner, get personal with RAS and write down your goals SMARTLY and let those super sexy RAS cells do their work.

smart goal setting concept


Watch this 4 min creative video and share it with your loved ones, students or colleagues to inspire them to be more goal-driven and getting things done.

Ever had RAS working out for you? Share them with me.

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