I’m off the impression that urges shouldn’t be ignored. This milestone was one such example. The need to change was pressing.

Finally, after months of working on this passionately, enthusiastically, distractedly and impatiently, my intense labor of love is reborn. 


As I Was Passing gets a new life lift. ????


The first version of this blog was founded in the year 2005 on blogspot at the time when every Tom, Dick and Harry started his own blog and aspired to be a writer. I was a statistic contributor as well. Back in the undergraduate years, things like this caught fire easily and we had friends to help us out figure things for each other. Also we wrote about really lame stuffs back then. -_-


After 5 years or more, I was surprised that I was still writing, so I thought I should just keep doing it. Over the years, the support from friends in terms of blogging functionality was non-existent and I was pretty much left with the option to pick myself up or let the blog have its by default cyber funeral. The blog always nearly died many times before I’d revive it unexpectedly.

Some years, I only write a few articles per year. Merely using the blog as an avenue to vent out my frustrations. The many years of blogging had made me realize that exercising creative freedom is a gift and it should be appreciated and nurtured.

Even after all these ears, my writing style still has not changed one bit though my contents may have matured and diversified. I’ve certainly evolved from being a dark and twisted soul to a bright and sunny being. :)

I have also picked up more passions along the way and slowly dived deeper into it.


Somewhere in September 2014, after figuring out how to register and get my own domain, I thought I’d take up the challenge again. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy but I was open to learning new things and thought this form of life-long learning would be something worth.

So I embarked on yet another journey to create my own site. The project took a considerably lesser time considering the fact that I have made my share of mistakes last year and  was armed with more knowledge now.

Finally after 8 months ( Yes, I’m aware that I could have delivered a baby if I waited another month :D), I got it published only to realize some elements weren’t quite mobile friendly. So I abandoned it.

Then  a year later, I came back to pick it up again. This time it worked :)

Passion is power :)

I don’t write on any specific niche topic but in the past I choose to ramble on anything that got me thinking.

At present, many of my stories are travel, photography or yoga inspired. Sometimes it could be just randomness.

Browse around and hit me with an email at if you need to connect.

Who knows?

We could be travel buddies, yogis on the move or a camera junkie.

Let’s pass by together. Build some memories.

With this, I resolve to continue feeding my passion to wander, capture and ramble. And along the way, pick up other things as well.

Till the next musing.

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