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The route for today : Ghorephani- Poon Hill-Nangethanthi- Ulleri

The day that we have all been waiting for.  The night was too cold and sleep had been intermittent. I was awake at 3.00am though we were only supposed to ascend up at 4.30am. Stepping out of our little teahouse, the cold air kissed us hello and we were greeted by a blanket of stars and  a bright shinny moon.  What a remarkable sight it was.

Poon Hill Ticket Counter


The youngest member of the trip, Dheeran was also up at 4.30am but stayed sleeping on the porter’s back.

We were told that the hike up Poon Hill will take an hour and at the altitude of 3210m, Poon Hill will amaze us.

I still remember the excitement among us who were trekking, as if we were about to achieve something that no one has ever done before. At some point of time, I felt like I was running towards the summit because every minute lost on the way could take me further away from the first ray of sunshine.

Finally, we when got there and the sun rose from behind the snow capped Annapurna, I went silent.

The breathtaking Poon Hill Sunrise


Poon Hill was beyond words. The clear morning view of the Annapurna range was nothing short of majestic. This was the view that the entire Ghorepani Poon Hill trek is based upon, and it’s worth every step to get here. Never seen anything like that before.  It has got to be one of the most scenic hike that I have ever taken in my entire life. I wonder how it would be like to visit Mount Kailash someday.

Poon Hill Namastey


Feeling on Top of the World

Landing on my butt before the perfect jump shot in Poon Hill

“Dunniya ko Mathithi “literally means On Top of the World. It’s a feeling that may not be necessarily associated with any location per say.

That sunrise up at Poon Hill (3210m) was probably a moment when I felt most alive; where I felt all my senses were open to absorb everything that was around me. I felt like I owned the world yet I had nothing with me except my camera as a companion.

A reminding moment where it felt,

good to be alive,

good to be healthy,

and good to be doing the things you love….

And that was enough.

Poon Hill picture moments were the best of the lot. We took jumping shots and I fell many times. We hugged each other and rejoiced celebrating nature. The 4 days hike was well worth that one sunrise alone. The whole experience was so enriching. There is always something so great about nature that keeps me wanting to go back to it at any given time. Like a healer, a silent companion giving the best answer without having to say anything at all. I felt truly at peace. This had to be the best state of being.

Mother and Son in Poon Hill


 Poon Hill Group Shot

The same day, we trekked much faster down to Ulleri because the awesome 4 year old Dheeran was our spirit booster with his amazing level of energy. There’s so much one can learn from a kid. Their passion and amusement at every little thing that they come in contact with reminds us that we could see beauty everywhere if we want to, and be touched by it.

A fellow friend and our guide on their way down from Poon Hill

We stayed overnight at Ulleri.

It was slowly sinking to me that the trip is finally coming to an end.

Till another sojourn Nepal and you will always be remembered for Never Ending Peace and Love.

Nepali Infant


Travel Time & Weather: Nov 2013, Pleasant

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