Smartphones have definitely taken the world in ways we never would have imagined and yes literally there is an app for everything.

I read a lot on my phone and so do a million other people on the this planet.

And  for people like us, there is an uber amazing app called Pocket. 

We all find things we like on the internet all the time. A Youtube video, a nicely written article on Huffpost, an online fashion boutique that finally have that one pair of shoe you saw a stranger wearing on the street or a recipe you knew you can impress your other half.

But we always never have the time to view it then and there and sometimes we get interrupted, traffic lights turn green and your little toddler accidentally vanished that page away.

Here’s where Pocket comes in handy, you get to content save and revisit it back hassle free. The app organizes it in an easy to search, easy to find way.

Pocket in a Nutshell

It’s like Bookmarking but in a very organized way.

And you get to tag your saved stuffs and put them in any categories you like say travel, recipe, yoga, relationship, money and share your articles with a friend.

The next time you remembered about that recipe for your husband, just click open your Pocket and go to the specified tag group and Voila, you can find it in less than  a minute.

Here’s the Best Bit

1) It  doesn’t need the internet  for content viewing when you finally have the time to revisit or  when your battery is critically low and you have an hour to kill.

2) It works on your phone, tablet, and computer, so you can save something on your phone, but read it later on your laptop. Just google for Pocket on your laptop or desktop and save it at the toolbar.  Get pocket here

3) It is integrated into  apps you already use like Twitter and Flipboard, making quick saving a breeze.

4) It’s compatible with iOS and Android which also happens to be FREE.

So simplify searching, sharing and reading with Pocket.

And please spread this post to Pocket more people.

I absolutely LOVEEE it so much!!!

Used Pocket before? Share your views and stories in the comment section below.

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