On the mat,

With strength,  you shall build muscles cell by cell

With flexibility, you shall bend lower to the Earth 

With strength, you will diligently show up on your mat because of dedication

With flexibility, you will abandoned that same notion because of freedom

With strength, you go back to the same asana again though fear threatens you

With flexibility, you say “Let’s try again”

With strength, you become more flexible.

With flexibility, you become stronger

Off the mat,

With strength, you become the best support system for yourself and then for others

With flexibility, you slowly refrain from allowing  others to drown you

With strength, you finally  learn to let go

With flexibility, you heal and learn to trust again.

With strength, you trust your own convictions.

With flexibility, you acknowledge the convictions of others

With strength, you get up in life after falling

With flexibility, you mould yourself to not fall again.

The occasional trip is inevitable 😉

Be revolutionary. Stand on your hands. If you can't, just laugh.

Label: Y.O.G.A

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